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How to Save/Download message
How to add a new contact on NauNau SOS
How to Earn Referral Rewards
What is the subscription cost for using NauNau SOS?

Subscription is based on your country. 

Once you download and install, you are able to see the cost of subscription.

You can save on subscription by referring family and friends by using your referral code.

Where can I get my referral code?

Open the app, go to settings and then click on “Invite your friends”.

How to create a Custom Message
How to use Follow Me on NauNauSOS
I can't find the question I am looking for.

Please send us an email at

I am not receiving emails from NauNau SOS.

Please check your junk/spam folder and if you are using Gmail, check your Social or Updates folder.

What happens if I lose data connection during an emergency?

NauNau SOS only works when you smartphone is connected to a data network, either through your carrier or through Wi-Fi.

In the event your phone gets disconnected after sending an alert, you tribe will receive the alert from your last captured GPS location and they may be able to start from there.

I was not able to complete my account registration.

While creating a new account, your phone rebooted or lost connection or you got distracted and need to continue with registration.

1. Open NauNau SOS app

2. If you started by creating account on Sign Up screen:

 – Enter the user name and password that you created

 – Tap Submit and this will continue where you stopped the account creation process

3. If you started by creating your account via the Google Link:

– From the app screen, tap the Google link on the bottom of the screen

– Select the email address that you used to create the account

– Continue the process from here.

Can I change the contacts on my contact list?

Yes, you can. You can add and remove any contact from your list by tapping Settings, then Contacts. Locate the contact’s name and slide the name all the way to the left to delete them.

I am deaf. Can I use NauNauSOS?

Yes, you can. Everyone with a smartphone can use NauNau SOS, even if you are hearing impaired.

During an emergency, you can send an SOS of the current situation along with a non-verbal custom message.

My contacts do not receive SMS notifications.

SMS messages may be delayed due to network congestion, carrier settings, or other factors outside of our control, or this may be blocked by your contact’s carrier.

If the problem persists, please contact support by sending us an email at or chat with on our website.

Must I have 5 people on my contact list in order to use the app?

No, you are not obligated to add 5 people to your contact list. Although, we advise adding up to 5 responsive and responsible individuals to your tribe so that you SOS can spread wider.

You have to add at least 1 person to your tribe for you to be able to send SOS.

How long does NauNau SOS keep my location data for?

NauNauSOS doesn’t track the user’s location all the time. It activates GPS tracking 5 minutes before sending an alert. It ensures the privacy of the user and extends battery life.