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Introducing NauNauSOS Push Notification Service

When your organization/institution is your trusted contact

Emergency Notifications

Danger Alerts

Security Updates

High level alerts everyone in your organization will respond to
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Make NauNauSOS PNS
part of your security protocol

Protect your organization's greatest asset

An organization’s greatest asset is its human capital. Beyond physical assets and technological fortifications, a robust safety culture and a workforce that prioritizes safety not only mitigates risks but fosters a resilient environment. In an era where threats constantly evolve, human capital emerges as the linchpin of a secure foundation, embodying the principle that vigilance is the bedrock of organizational longevity.
NauNauSOS Push Notification Service is the proactive approach to keeping every stakeholder within your organization safe, secure, and updated of every imminent or unfolding threats to their safety
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NauNauSOS Push Notification service features
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**Over 250,000 gets you a dedicated account officer.

**7-day money back guarantee: If our service doesn’t meet your needs, simply reach out to your account rep and we will gladly refund you.

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