What is a Safety App?

A Safety App is a powerful tool designed to enhance your personal safety and provide peace of mind in various situations. NauNau SOS App is your ultimate solution, offering advanced features for your protection. Safety apps aim to provide peace of mind to users by offering tools and resources that can help them stay safe in a wide range of situations, including emergencies, travel, outdoor activities, and daily life. These apps have become increasingly popular as people seek ways to bolster their personal safety and connect with help when needed.

NauNau SOS Features

Instant SOS Alert

Tap the whistle to send distress signals to pre-set contacts with your location

Live GPS Tracking

Share your real-time location with your contacts so they know where to find you. An update of your location is sent every minute.

Follow Me

This feature allows you to share your real-time location with your trusted contacts. Whether you're walking alone at night, going on a hike, or meeting someone in an unfamiliar location, "Follow Me" provides peace of mind.

Send Video/Audio Recording

A 15 secs video of your situation is attached to your SOS alert. In case you are not able to reach your phone, the app with automatically send your SOS at 15 secs.

How NauNau SOS App Works

Click here to download from your PlayStore for Android phones.

Click here to download from App Store for Apple phones.

You are able to add up to 5 people that you trust during an emergency.

You can create a custom message along with your emergency alert.

1-tap to send your emergency message.

Your SOS message contains a 15 secs video/audio of the current situation, your current GPS location & your pre-defined custom message.

Your emergency contacts will receive your SOS three ways; email, SMS and Push Notification

Students on NauNau SOS App

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