About NauNau

NauNau is your personal SOS safety App company.

NauNau was birthed from the desperate need for personal safety in Nigeria; Where are you? Are you safe? Did you make it to your destination etc?

Our Mission

NauNau will create that sense of you are not alone, everywhere you go, using new aged technology. 

We have the passion to solve the security issues in Nigeria/Africa and this drive fuels our creativity. Since we can’t wear a cape and be batman to save everyone, we have resorted to creating an app to provide that sense of safety, giving your loved ones peace of mind. 

NauNau aims to be your #1 personal safety and security app in Africa.

Who We Are

Based in Maryland, USA, NauNau SOS is your much needed personal safety app that is built on today’s technology. 

We have over 15 years of combined professional experience in Project Management, Product Management and Software Engineering. 

Our main goal is to provide safety and security to everyone using the phone that we are already glued to day in, day out.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Facebook for Safety app. 

NauNau will help with the lack of safety and security in Africa.

It will help you feel like you are never alone from one or any of the safety features that we’ll continue to offer latching on to the current technology.